The Next Leap in Car Dealerships
Are you looking for car dealership apps?
If you own a car dealership you might be in need of a good mobile application for your business. An automotive mobile app will help you manage your business in the best way and target the growing mobile market. You want to keep your customers informed and coming back to you for business. Here’s what you need to look for in dealer mobile apps.
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When looking for dealership apps you’re going to have to conduct some research.
There are a lot of applications out there but some are better than others. Make sure you research and look at all apps before you settle on one. Research can take time and it’s frustrating to do. You might want look at Iconic Solutions product called MyMobileDealer, as we find this is one of the better dealership apps on the current market, it will save you time with research.
A good car dealership app is going to have a ton of features.
Look to see if the app is recent and if it’s able to meet your current demands. Is the app going to be worth using in the future? Is the manufacturer of the app planning any major updates to the app to help your
business? Have they documented their new features previously released?
Bottom line – you want an app with a ton of great features so make sure your customers keep using your app.
Good Messaging
Does the app have a good messaging service so you can keep in contact with your customers with ease?
A good car sales app will be easy to use - You don’t want to mess with the app, you just want it to work!
Location Support
Can the app work if you have multiple car
dealership locations?
Push notification services
are a must.
Can you control the app online and setup features of the app? Is it easy to use without a lot of headaches?
A good car sales app will be easy to use - You don’t want to mess with the app, you just want it to work!
Is the app easy to update ? How difficult is the app to get new content into it ? Do you have to wait for updates to be submitted to the store and then reviewed ?
When you look at dealer mobile apps, you want something that is going to make your job easier, not harder. Integration into DMS, CRM and Inventory systems is a must.
Your business is important to you which is why you also need your car dealership apps to work for your entire business, both today and tomorrow. A good app is going to have these features because they are important. You want to be able to contact your customers with ease and keep them informed about your business. The app should work for the dealer but have information for the customer too. Apps should inform customers about roadside assistance for example or insurance, as well as how to find the cheapest gas. It’s not all about the dealer you want an automotive mobile app to help your customers too.

MyMobileDealer is a car sales app and dealership app created by Iconic Solutions that covers all these features and more. It’s a great application for all your car dealership needs as well as the needs of your customer.
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