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The Automotive World in the Palm of Your Hand!
The myMobileDealer dealership app has become the driving force of mobile apps for car dealerships. With this automotive mobile app, you get an abundance of features and services on your mobile phone. Take advantage of what innovative technology has to offer with this dealer app.
The Automotive World in the Palm of Your Hand!
Convenient scheduling allows customers to schedule maintenance and other services with a single touch on their mobile phone.
Leverage push notifications to remind customers of oil changes, special offers, recall notices and more.
Stay ahead of the competition with instant communication for both new and existing customers - no matter where they are.
Game Changing Technology For Your Dealership
Dealership mobile apps are not only convenient but an innovative way to keep up to date with staff working for you. Communication is the key to ultimately obtaining revenue. Car dealerships in the mobile world are one step ahead of the rest.
Manage your dealership mobile app with the cloud dashboard. Communicate with customers and tweak the graphics and features as well as upgrade the app.
Most people can’t be without their phones. Take advantage of direct messages by customizing them when you contact customers. Messages can include the name, dealership and vehicle.
See how this innovative technology is working for you by keeping up to date with deeply integrated analytics. Keep track of how many customers read your messages.
No matter what size your dealership business may be, you can include one or all of your locations inside a group app. You can also manage each location individually by using a branded mobile app for each one.
Direct messaging means keeping in contact with customers like never before. Send them special custom offers and promotions to increase revenue streams.
Iconic Solutions line of dealership mobile apps are intuitive and will integrate with current dealership programs such as DMS, CRM and your Online Scheduler.

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