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Benefits of Using Iconic Solutions App for Car Dealerships - Customer Features

When it comes to dealing with your car, it may seem like you are having to deal with archaic processes. That doesn't have to be the case, because you can easily take care of a great number of issues by simply utilizing the myMobileDealer App that is taking the automotive world by storm. As far as mobile apps for car dealerships are concerned, this quite possibly is the most user friendly, and with a customer mode that will completely change the way you communicate about your car, it's easy to see why so many are starting to jump on board.

When dealing with car dealership apps, previously, you didn't get a whole lot more than sales, but that's not what you get here. The following features will have you thinking twice about downloading and using other car repair apps, as this one is definitely worth noting.

Exciting Customer Features Found Within myMobileDealer
Need repairs? No matter what is wrong with your vehicle, you can easily get a quick note about what is wrong, what the service history is, and with automatic DMS integration, everything about your car's past can be pulled up with the touch of a button. Scheduling a date is fast, easy, and worry free.
Roadside Assistance
There's nothing quite as chaotic as when you're stuck stranded on the side of the road, well that is no longer going to be an issue, because with the touch of a button any roadside assistance service can becalled. No more chaos, one touch and getting a tow truck or anything else for that matter can be easily accomplished.
Cheapest Gas
No matter what fuel type is needed, with this car dealership app, finding the nearest station is a snap. Regardless of whether the vehicle is a hybrid, or requires diesel, or other types of fuel, a station can be located alongside the lowest price point as well. Thiscan definitely come in handy when on a road trip, or while running errands around the city.
When calamity strikes, a pen and paper may not be readily available, but that's ok, with the myMobileDealer app, simple tools are only a quick button away. You can record all necessary information and even call an insurance agent within a matter of moments. Not only that, with the insurance management toolkit, you can even keep track of policy details and more.
Safety Recall
If ever the car is in need of an update or a safety issue has become evident, you can easily get notified and get help. This is the fastest way to get the word out about any major recall.
This is just the beginning. With our amazing automotive mobile app, anyone can stay up to date with dealer information, contact, maintenance, weather, and so much more. This is truly the best application you're going to want to have if you're a driver. Even skeptics are turning into true believers as every possible option has already been thought out and placed within a few seconds to make sure drivers have the best communication platform in the palm of their hands.