Manage your entire application from any internet browser
Control every aspect of your car dealership mobile app through the easy to use cloud dashboard, accessed through an internet browser on any computer. Use the dashboard to change out graphics, turn features on and off, update your application, as well send messages to your customers.


Messaging has never been this simple
Direct messages the users will be compelled to read, delivered to the one thing they will not leave home without - their phone.
Personalize your messages with the customer's name, vehicle and dealership.
Flexibility to send messages to individual customers or larger groups such as owners of a certain make or model.
Leverage the power of deeply integrated analytics to know how many people have read your messages.
Generate increased revenue streams by sending personalized, direct messages for specials, promotions and offers.


Update Your Application Content in Real Time
Through our propitiatory cloud-based interface, you're able to update any of the information inside your application and have the changes reflected instantly inside your app. Don't settle for developers who have to submit updates to the App Store for every change - only myMobileDealer offers a completely native application that can be updated or changed instantly, making us the number one choice for mobile apps for car dealerships.

One Location or Many

Apps for Single Rooftops and Dealer Groups
Regardless if your car dealership is a single rooftop or a part of a larger group, myMobileDealer offers you the option to include all of your locations inside a group app or have each location have their own, branded mobile app.


We Connect to Your Current Systems
We offer real integration into your current dealership systems, including your DMS, CRM and Online Scheduler. Our vendor agnostic approach assures we are compatible with all of the service providers your dealership currently uses.

Two Apps In One

Dealer and Customer Features in a Single App
Don't waste time dealing with multiple mobile vendors - myMobileDealer has features designed for your customers and dealership employees in a single mobile app. Customers will enjoy features tailored to their vehicle ownership while employees can unlock additional functionality via a secure login that will make their job easier!


Schedule new service requests, as well as manage your entire service history, automatically updated via direct DMS integration.


Determine monthly payments, affordability, and even trip costs.


Pass the time with creative and challenging games that are dealership branded.

Roadside Assistance

Don't leave your customers stranded! Include one-touch access to your preferred roadside assistance service.

Safety Recall

Notifications keep your customers up-to-date on all critical safety issues with their vehicle.

Sell Your Car

Customers can take pictures of their car and scan the VIN to send to the dealership for a purchase offer.


Browse the dealership's entire inventory, request a quote and schedule a test drive instantly.


Toolkits to keep track of customer's policy information and agent details.

Get Connected

Reach your customers like never before - through the one thing they NEVER leave home without their smartphone!

Alternate Fuel

Quickly charge up your hybrid or AFV by locating the nearest alternative fuel station.

Customer Garage

Enable your customers to ability to manage their entire family's vehicles through a single mobile app.

Guide Books

From Black Book

Local Weather

Help your customers plan accordingly by including current weather conditions.

Cheapest Gas

Prices of all of the stations near you ensures you always fill up for the lowest price.


Toolkits to quickly collect driver and witness information, record voice statements and even take photos of the damage.

Payment Portal

To manage and pay a customer's vehicle loan through their phone.

Guide Books

Access the leading source of valuation data from vendors like Black Book, included at no additional cost. Save time by scanning a VIN to retrieve the values.

History Reports

Seamlessly integrated from both CARFAX and Autocheck, and accessed by scanning a VIN, ensures you know what you're buying.

Pricing Trends

12 Month wholesale pricing trends to know how the vehicle has performed before you buy it.


Browse the original vehicle invoice to learn what differentiates models and what options where included as original equipment.


Monitor how many people are using your app, and what they are specifically using it for - all in real-time.